Who We Are

Established in 2009, tangers is a multi-label store offering contemporary pieces from Korea and Singapore. Our humble beginnings started out with an online store operating from a private HDB shophouse.
In less than a year, we had our first store at 44 Haji Lane. Even though the space was extremely limited (about the size of a storeroom), it was finally a place to showcase the curated apparels.
The following years at 44 Haji Lane was an enjoyable experience and it saw us through 2 renovations to occupy a much bigger space on the second floor.
Soon enough, tangers was moving onto her next chapter at 51 Haji Lane and it took us through another phase in the beautiful space with an exclusive storefront and the whole 2-floor unit all to ourselves.
In 2017, we moved to our current unit – 73 Haji Lane which comprises of our own photo studio on the second floor. Still maintaining the physical storefront to provide customers with a personal shopping experience, tangers is also now available online to those who prefer to shop on-the-go.